04 September 2009

Listening in a musical desert

After somewhat of a musical drought in Sydney (in relation to Carnatic music concerts by professional artistes), this weekend we have a concert by Sikkil Gurucharan and party. At least hear we are fortunate that we get to listen to such concerts every few months. There are many cities around the world where, due to the small population of Carnatic music lovers, there is no access to live concerts.
For such centres, the internet is surely a great blessing, particularly the sites where you can hear Indian music. I have several listed at http://www.carnaticcorner.com/downloads.html
 There are also kiosks in India where you can download a lot of music for a fee such as at Giri Trading in Chennai. Armed with a USB drive or Ipod you can choose songs of your liking and download them for a small fee. Of course there are a lot of decent online CD stores that will ship music anywhere in the world too.